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The Barker and Bowes Training Academy

Courses in Dog Grooming, Styling and Salon Management

The Barker & Bowes Training Academy

If your purpose, imagination, and interests are not fulfilled then training, learning, your career, and your future will be difficult to enjoy. At The Barker & Bowes Training Academy, we start with one non-negotiable principle, the love of animals. For us, loving animals is followed by loving to learn and learning is the gateway to a career you will love.

But real training takes work, dedication, commitment, and investment and we are passionate about giving you real, hands-on, actionable, and accredited learning with certification and qualification that will allow you to take this much-in-demand skill anywhere in Ireland or abroad.

We offer courses in Dog Grooming, Pet Sitting & Pet Walking, Canine First Aid, and Business Courses for small business owners, companies, and institutions in the Pet Care Sector nationally and internationally.
If you would like to know more or even have an informal chat with the Academy Director, then drop us a short email and we will get back to you straight away.

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