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The Barker and Bowes Training Academy

Courses in Dog Grooming, Styling and Salon Management

Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management

*This is for existing and practising dog groomers only*

(This is a formal, regulated, internationally recognised qualification)

About This course

Are you currently working as a dog groomer and would like to gain a recognised Qualification? The Fast Track to Ofqual regulated level 3 is perfect for groomers who are employed or busy running a business and not able to take time off to do an extended course.  Stand out from the crowd and gain a reputable qualification. Show your clients that you have made every effort to be the best that you can be!

IPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management

Duration: Online over 1 Year
Cost: €1,800 per student including VAT and All Inclusive


Work towards this qualification at your own pace - You have 1 year to complete this course however most complete it in a couple of months. The flexibility of the 1-year time frame takes the pressure off those who are busy working in full-time employment or running their own business.

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This highly regarded internationally recognised qualification will demonstrate to an employer or the general public that you have the necessary technical skills and knowledge to successfully groom a variety of dogs and will remain relevant throughout your career. Think of it as a rewarding career investment. What’s even better is that there are no formal exams - you gain your qualification through continual assessment and you will be guided by us every step of the way.

The Barker & Bowes Training Academy Fast Track course cost is inclusive of:

  • Diploma Course Guides and Course Journals
  • Canine First Aid Course
  • Feedback on how to improve on certain breed styles
  • Guided Distance Learning Continued Assessment
  • Email/ Phone Support
  • Final Certification

Entry requirements

Unlike some training and regulatory bodies, you do not need to complete a lower level to begin your studies with the level 3 Diploma qualification. The Fast Track option to achieving your Level 3 Diploma is available to those who can prove a good level of grooming of a variety of breeds.

You will complete your coursework in your own time online, and demonstrate grooming a minimum of 20 dogs, of 10 different breeds (a mixture of pure and cross-breeds) through an online portfolio of written descriptions along with videos and photos.


  • Health and Safety in a Dog Grooming Environment
  • Promote the Welfare of Dogs conforming to Relevant Legislation
  • Customer Care and Managing Complaints
  • Assess and Plan Dog Grooming Styles and Maintenance of Equipment
  • Health Checking, Handling and Canine Behaviour
  • Prepare, Style and Finish a range of Dog Breeds
  • Canine Emergency First Aid
  • Planning the Operation of a Small Canine Business

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