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“How to Win New Business (and customers!) - Fast"

This is a 4 module (4 x Half Days) high-performance Sales & Marketing course, developed exclusively for Barker & Bowes, to give you the sharp, actionable and proven skills you need to win more customers – and fast.

The course is for those with their own small business or practice, and those working professionally in any area of the Pet Care Sector including Dog Grooming Professionals, Veterinary Practices, Pet Nutritionists or Pet Food Suppliers.

The 4 modules are:

Day 1 – What Are You Saying and Why You’re Not Saying it.
This module explores your message, your brand and why you may not be communicating effectively with the customer. It is also a powerful starting point to how you will stand out, head and shoulders, above your competitors even if it is often ignored as the first base to any effective sales strategy or plan but once clear, sharp, precise and understood, your customers will really ‘understand’ what you are trying to say and why they should buy from you.
This module is based on the tutors most recent and critically acclaimed book of the same title.

Day 2 – Why People Fail to Sell.
This module does not waste time trying to teach you how to make a perfect sale and win more customers. There is no such thing. Instead, and also based on the programme leaders critically acclaimed book ‘Sales Tales – True Stories of How great Sales Happen’ this module will teach you how not to expend a lot of energy-wasting your time on well-worn paths that do not work. Instead, it will lead you into how to really connect with customers, see things from their point of view, and teach you the simple but fine art and skills of really effective questions and techniques to win more customers.

Day 3 – Listening? Talking? Hearing? Questioning? – The Art of Understanding Your Customers Position
Many people in selling fall into a trap. The trap of not listening, or, more importantly, not hearing or understanding what the customer is saying and especially what their motivation is. Secondly, it is all too easy to assume we know a customer’s motivation. We don't. However, this module will guide you through the art of really getting onto your customer's wavelength so that you genuinely understand what is driving their decision making.

Day 4 – Emotional Sales Versus Practical Sales and How to Handle Difficult Customers
Naturally following on from Module 3, this final element of the course will teach you how to connect with your customer by understanding the different triggers that customers unwittingly display when making a purchase. How will you know if it is a practical solution? Or maybe a task? Or perhaps something that is driven by emotion? This module will guide you to knowing exactly which is which and, by default, lead you to far more sales, more customer loyalty and a significant competitive edge that your competitors will not understand.
Lastly, life will always present us with some slightly tricky and even difficult customers. How we respond creates opportunity and if we don’t know how to respond, we can make our own life and business even more challenging. This module will teach you very powerful techniques to cope with these inevitable situations, protect you, your brand and your business and all in a calm simple way that, once learned, is never forgotten.

What’s included:
Your workbook for this bespoke and original course. Expert papers and published articles on the art of sales and marketing by your tutor. Refreshments on arrival and everything you could need to come away with learning that makes a real difference.

Barker & Bowes Graduates - €600
First Time Barker & Bowes Students - €700

* Business Development Courses :

All our business development courses are highly interactive to allow for maximum interaction, sharing of ideas and individual mentoring. Accordingly, our programmes are deliberately small and once fully booked, we are fully booked.

Introducing Your Programme Leader
Your programme leader and tutor for the programme

Conor Kenny founded Conor Kenny & Associates in 2002 before joining forces with Grace Gallagher in 2007. He is a graduate of University College Dublin and further educated at The University of Greenwich, London and The National University of Ireland, Galway. Conor has always had a deep interest in getting the best out of people and helping to guide them to their own solutions and success. With a keen interest in psychology, continuous personal and professional development and how we lead, motivate and impact, Conor’s natural teaching style has led him to author 4 critically acclaimed books as well as a seat on the prestigious editorial board of the USA’s Hotel Executive Magazine. His interest in writing has naturally led to a bank of original and highly successful courses which have gained the company a renowned reputation for producing their own original courses relevant to the needs of today’s businesses. Conor has written articles for The Irish Times and The Sunday Business Post as well as writing regular industry columns for leading publications on professional development and leadership. Conor is also a board member and director of The Rutland Centre, a residential addiction treatment centre.

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