Opening Hours: Mon - Sat | 9.00am - 5:30pm

The Barker and Bowes Training Academy

Courses in Dog Grooming, Styling and Salon Management

“A relaxed, professional atmosphere and creative learning environment”


At Barker & Bowes, we understand how people learn. Our sister company was recently voted ‘Best Professional Development Company in Ireland (2020)’

You learn more when you are naturally interested, engaged and at ease. This is why The Barker and Bowes Training Academy courses, are held in an environment where learning is practical, instantly actionable and where we have a strictly limited small number of students in each class.

And before we sign up, we make sure that we are the right fit for you - and you for us.

That’s why we insist on an informal conversation one we get your enquiry.

Supporting Your Learning

Once you begin your course, you will always have a tutor to guide you, support you and answer any questions you will have.

Your hands-on skills practice is held in our purpose-built training room which runs alongside our main grooming salon and you will be able to see qualified groomers at work and how a professional salon operates.

Real Experience

All of the dogs that you will be grooming during your course are grooming dog models and they have been through checks to ensure they are happy to be groomed by students under our supervision and guidance.

Throughout your course, you will receive hands-on experience each day. This means you get the most from your course from start to finish.