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Please read this agreement carefully, this agreement includes a release of liability and waiver of legal rights.  You will need to complete the Dog Grooming Release Form before having your dog groomed at Barker and Bowes.

  • At Barker & Bowes all dogs are treated by our employees with the utmost care and caution. Our employees will not be held responsible for clipper burn and /or minor nicks resulting from grooming of matted, pelted, neglected coats or for irritation caused by removing coat from dog possessing mild to severe skin allergies.
  • I hereby agree to expressly and forever generally waive, discharge claims, indemnify, release the liability of Barker & Bowes their invitees, sponsors, advertisers, owners, employees, volunteers, agents, representatives, leasers and all others having an interest in Barker & Bowes from and against any and all injury, liability, claims, litigation, actions, suits, costs, losses, damages, legal fees, expenses or demands of every character whatsoever on the account of, arising out of, resulting from or relating to any act or omission Barker & Bowes their invitees, sponsors, advertisers, owners, employees, volunteers, agents, representatives, leasers including negligence. I confirm that my dog is left in the care of Barker & Bowes at my own risk. 
  • I agree that this release form shall be binding on me and my successors, heirs, legal representatives and assigns. I also expressly and forever release Barker & Bowes from any duty to protect me or my pet from injury of any kind and agree that even if Barker & Bowes chooses to implement safety precautions; such actions shall not alter the fact that I have released Barker & Bowes from any duty to protect me or my dog.
  • If the owner's dog is hurt or becomes ill, I hereby grant permission to Barker & Bowes to obtain immediate medical care from a veterinarian of choice should the vet listed above not be
  • available. dog owner agrees to pay all costs for medical treatment provided unless illness or injury is a direct result of the negligence of the Barker & Bowes employees.
  • I also realise that senior dogs have a greater risk of injury during the groom and I will not hold Barker & Bowes responsible, nor will I hold them responsible for the stressful effects grooming may have on my dog.
  • Barker & Bowes will not be responsible for any allergic reactions resulting from the manufacturer-recommended usage of any products. We take great care in selecting the best natural products however may have a few situations with unexpected reactions.
  • Barker & Bowes is not responsible for pre-existing medical conditions or the aggravation of those conditions such as but not limited to, heart disease, arthritis, obesity, infections, or any other medical problem that may be affected by the grooming process.
  • Barker & Bowes reserves the right to charge additional fees for services we consider over and above the norm covered by our standard rates. We also reserve the right to refuse service to customers who pose a threat to our employees and other pets in our care, whether it is an aggression problem, health problem or parasite problem.
  • Should the owner's dog expose the unit or salon with parasites the groom will stop, the pet(s) will be isolated, and the owner called for immediate pick up for veterinary treatment. There will be an additional € 200 charge to cover the expense for fumigation of the premises. It is necessary to fumigate to prevent contamination to other pets in our care.
  • If a dog's coat is severely matted Barker & Bowes will only attempt to de-matt the coat for a maximum of 20 minutes in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. Barker & Bowes reserve the right to perform a complete clip off of the dog's coat if the matting is severe enough.
  • If a complete clip off needs to be performed Barker & Bowes will try to notify you before doing so. However, if we cannot contact you and we believe the clip off is necessary on welfare grounds we will still undertake to clip off the coat and hold no responsibility for the style not being as approved or from any common reactions such as clipper rash which can happen with close shaves.
  • Severely matted dogs will incur additional charges for de-matting and/or clipping off the coat. These charges will vary depending on the time taken for the procedure but can range from €5 to €35.
  • Barker & Bowes reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog that we deem too severely matted to safely carry out a clip off of the coat.
  • When a dog is matted/pelted and requires a shave down, some pre-existing conditions may be found which we will notify you of and chart in our files. In order to remove the matts/pelts the groomer must get under the matt/pelt with the clippers which may cause some skin irritations, burns, knicks, cuts.
  • Right to Refuse Service: Barker & Bowes has the right to refuse service for any reason it deems fit. In the event of a dog that cannot be groomed safely without danger to the groomer/employees or others. Barker & Bowes will use muzzles, e-collars, harnesses, straps etc. on dogs. Grooming services may be stopped mid groom if necessary for the safety of the pet or groomer. Grooming fees may still be applied.
  • Please ensure you arrive on time for your appointment, arriving late may incur a late fee. Arriving more than 15 minutes after your appointment time may result in your appointment being cancelled and a full charge being taken.
  • If you cannot keep your appointment. please provide 48 hours' notice. Last-minute cancellations may result in Barker & Bowes taking a 50% deposit payment before any further appointments can be booked.
  • Please ensure that your dog has had a chance to exercise and toilet before arriving for your appointment.
  • A collection time will be agreed upon with you when you leave your dog with us. Please contact us if you are going to be late. Failure to collect your dog at the arranged time, or notify us that you will be late, may incur a holding fee.
  • All dogs must be collected within the normal operating times. If a dog is not collected within business hours and contact with an owner cannot be made, we will deem the animal abandoned and contact the dog warden for guidance on how to proceed.
  • Barker & Bowes operates a 24-hour correction policy where we will modify a groom at a customer's request, free of charge.  After this period, a fee will be payable.
  • At Barker & Bowes we take your privacy seriously and will only use the information you supply to administer your account with us. Due to the nature of our service, we do require some personal information such as your name, address and contact information. This will be stored in line with the Data Protection guidelines and is to ensure we can provide the best possible service to you and to ensure we can contact you in case of an emergency. By using our services, you give permission to Barker & Bowes, to collect, use and handle your personal data in relation to, and for the purpose of, your dog's grooming appointments, in accordance with GDPR Guidelines but also for the purpose of marketing, services and/or products that may be of interest.  Contact may be made by phone, text, email or post.
  • Barker & Bowes uses CCTV cameras which are for the purpose of crime prevention and internal use only. Footage from the cameras is strictly prohibited from being distributed and requests to view will be denied (without legal requirement).
  • Duty to disclose:  I have disclosed and will continue to disclose on an ongoing basis any and all medical, behaviour or other conditions or personality changes that may affect, limit or prevent my dog's ability to be groomed at Barker & Bowes.
  • I authorise Barker & Bowes to use photos of my dog for which I have legal ownership for any promotional materials regarding Barker & Bowes programs, facilities, or services.
  • I have read and fully understand the terms of this form and that I have given up substantial rights by signing it and have signed freely and voluntarily without any inducement, assurance or guarantee and agree that if any portion of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect.