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Dog Grooming

  1. Barker & Bowes groom by appointment only but we try to accommodate most requests.
  2. When booking your appointment, you will be asked several questions to help determine how long the appointment will need to be.
  3. Our guide prices are based on the time taken to groom a well-behaved dog that is groomed regularly and with their coat in good condition.
  4. Please supply a current mobile telephone number as reminder texts will be sent out a day or two in advance of your appointment.
  5. Please ensure you arrive on time for your appointment, arriving late may incur a late fee. Arriving more than 15 minutes after your appointment time may result in your appointment being cancelled and a full charge being taken.
  6. If you cannot keep your appointment please provide 48 hours' notice, last minute cancellations may result in Barker & Bowes taking a 50% deposit payment before any further appointments can be booked.
  7. Please ensure that your dog has had chance to exercise and toilet before arriving for your appointment.
  8. Barker & Bowes reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog that displays aggressive behaviour.
  9. If a dog's coat is severely matted Barker & Bowes will only attempt to de-matt the coat for a maximum of 20 minutes in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. Barker & Bowes reserve the right to perform a complete clip off of the dog's coat if the matting is severe enough.
  10. If a complete clip off needs to be performed Barker & Bowes will try to notify you before doing so. However, if we cannot contact you and we believe the clip off is necessary on welfare grounds we will still undertake to clip off the coat and hold no responsibility for the style not being as approved or from any common reactions such as clipper rash which can happen with close shaves.
  11. Severely matted dogs will incur additional charges for de-matting and/or clipping off the coat. These charges will vary dependant on the time taken for the procedure but can range from €5 to €35.
  12. Barker & Bowes reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog that we deem too severely matted to safely carry out a clip off of the coat.
  13. It is the owner's responsibility to disclose any information about any allergies and/or skin conditions.
  14. Barker & Bowes will not be held responsible for any irritation, patchiness, abrasions or hair loss that may arise due to the grooming process.
  15. If you fail to disclose information regarding any physical and/or medical conditions (such as elbow or hip dysplasia, epilepsy etc.) Barker & Bowes will not be held responsible for any injury incurred during the grooming process.
  16. Barker & Bowes will not subject any dog to unacceptable levels of stress. If during the grooming process your dog finds any part of the grooming process too stressful that part will not be completed. If Barker & Bowes cannot complete the groom price reductions may be implemented.
  17. If your dog is found to have fleas/ticks or other parasites during its groom, they will be washed in an appropriate shampoo.  However, due to the extra product and cleaning cost associated with parasites, you will be liable for a €10 surcharge on each groom.
  18. If your dog requires urgent medical attention while in our care, Barker & Bowes reserve the right to seek veterinary attention, any fees incurred will be payable by the dog's owner.
  19. A collection time will be agreed with you when you leave your dog with us. Please contact us if you are going to be late. Failure to collect your dog at the arranged time, or notify us that you will be late, may incur a holding fee.
  20. All dogs must be collected within the normal operating times. If a dog is not collected within business hours and contact with an owner cannot be made, we will deem the animal abandoned and contact the dog warden for guidance on how to proceed.
  21. Barker & Bowes operates a 24 hour correction policy where we will modify a groom at a customers request, free of charge.  After this period, a fee will be payable.
  22. Complaints are rare but if the need arises, we ask you to contact the salon directly within 24 hours of your groom who will help to directly resolve any issues if possible.  If the salon cannot resolve satisfactorily, we ask that complaints about any aspect of our service must be made in writing a maximum of 14 days following the use of the service.  An investigation of any complaint will follow and management will address any concerns raised on an individual basis, hopefully reaching a satisfactory outcome for all parties.  Complaints raised after this 14 day period are judged to have deliberately hindered the investigation process, limiting access to paperwork, CCTV and staff recollection.  Therefore, complaints after this period will be dealt this in line with legal requirement, not Barker & Bowes Customer Satisfaction Policy.
  23. Under Force Majeure rules, Barker & Bowes cannot be held in breach of service nor liable for delay in performing, or failure to perform, any of its obligations if such delay or failure result from events, circumstances or causes beyond its reasonable control. 
  24. At Barker & Bowes we take your privacy seriously and will only use the information you supply to administer your account with us. Due to the nature of our service we do require some personal information such as, your name, address and contact information. This will be stored in line with the Data Protection guidelines and is to ensure we can provide the best possible service to you and to ensure we can contact you in case of an emergency. By using our services you give permission to Barker & Bowes, to collect, use and handle your personal data in relation to, and for the purpose of, your dog's grooming appointments, in accordance with GDPR Guidelines but also for the purpose of marketing, services and/or products that may be of interest.  Contact maybe made by phone, text, email or post.
  25. Muzzles, buster collars, leads and other training aids/restraint equipment will be used at the discretion of Barker & Bowes employees.  They will only be used when deemed necessary by a Barker & Bowes employee for the welfare of people and pets.
  26. Photographs and videos of dogs in Barker & Bowes care maybe used in promotional material or posted to social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. By using our services you accept and authorise all use.
  27. Barker & Bowes holds appropriate insurance however, it is not exhaustive and we recommend all dogs are insured adequately to protect them and people handling them.
  28. Barker & Bowes uses CCTV cameras which are for the purpose of crime prevention and internal use only. Footage from the cameras is strictly prohibited from being distributed and requests to view will be denied (without legal requirement).
  29. Sadly animals can pass away from natural causes and death can be unexpected in any animal. Should an animal decease in our care, we will follow owner wishes.  For business protection, we will gather evidence of the animals care through CCTV, photographs and witness description in order to indemnify Barker & Bowes against claims.  Barker & Bowes accepts no liability for injury or death of any animal in our care unless proven through our negligence and then it is limited to the animals purchase value (€2000 cap). Therefore, our insurance company does not cover costs associated with deceased animals and we advise you take your own insurance.
  30. Exceptions to any Term and Condition can be made at a Managers discretion only.
  31. Barker & Bowes will not accept bullying/abuse of any of our team and should incident occur, customers will be asked to leave and not return.  Suitable authorities will be informed of actions deemed threatening and appropriate action taken.

Dog Grooming by Student Groomers

  1. All the above conditions for Dog Grooming apply, dog grooms undertaken by a student groomer will be charged at a discounted price.
  2. All dog models will be required to stick to a regular grooming pattern outlined by the course tutor, repeat appointments will be arranged by the tutor and sent via text message.
  3. Whilst we strive for a high professional finish each time, we ask that you be mindful that students are learning and, in some cases, have only been grooming a few days. Therefore, perfection maybe difficult to obtain.
  4. Students and dog models will be supervised by a Barker & Bowes tutor.
  5. The dog's welfare is our number one priority and styling decisions will be made according to this (i.e. a shorter clip if the dog is very matted.) However, your style preferences will be discussed when you drop your dog off at the salon.
  6. It remains the owner's responsibility to maintain good coat condition in between grooming appointments.

Privacy Policy

Barker & Bowes is committed to keeping your data safe and will never give your data to any third party.  Your data will be stored electronically on our password protected systems and hard copies containing data such as Enrolment Forms or signed Terms and Conditions will be transferred into these systems before being shredded. 
After a 3 year period of inactivity, all of your data will be destroyed and no longer held with the company. You can also request that this be done at any time. Please send a 'request to be forgotten' to The Manager, in writing to the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We ask for express consent to send any marketing information to you on your enrolment form. If you do not give consent, we will not use your data for the purposes of marketing.  However, your data is used for essential parts of our services and contact regarding your pet's care or your account without permission.  These actions comply with GDPR legislation. No additional data will be stored other than that you give to us via an Enrolment Form, to a member of staff on the phone/inperson or that you upload to your client account on our software.
Should a Data Breach be discovered, our staff will work to notify you within 24 hours of the breach occurring. We will then keep you updated on our progress in rectifying the breach.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

It is important to us at Barker & Bowes that all people and pets using our services are happy! However, we recognise that sometimes, for different reasons, we may not meet customer expectation and a complaint is made. We will try to address and resolve any verbal complaints immediately, however, if this is not possible a member of our team will complete our form and forward the complaint to the Manager who will address within 48 hours. Communication will usually be in person or via telephone at this stage.  However, should the complaint be of a serious nature, we request that it is put in writing and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 14 days.

Special Conditions around COVID-19

  1. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic the way in which we work and groom your dogs has changed and may do so at regular intervals as information is provided by governmental departments.
  2. Whilst we will be adhering to the strictest guidelines to reduce the spread of the disease, it must be clearly understood that clients wishing to have their dogs groomed at this time, do so at their own risk and agree to these additional terms and conditions.
  3. Anybody self isolating, classed as vulnerable or showing any symptoms, MUST NOT under any circumstances attend a grooming appointment.
  4. On arrival all clients must follow the hygiene procedures put in place to minimise cross contamination.
  5. Only one client is permitted in the salon at a time and as such, we have offered staggered drop off and collection times. Should you arrive and another customer be present, please set back and maintain a distance.
  6. Before the grooming procedure, your dog will be misted down with a pet safe, non-toxic, non-irritant, anti-viral spray. In the unlikely event of a reaction Barker & Bowes cannot be held liable for this.
  7. All dogs must arrive thoroughly brushed /combed out, as they must now be bathed immediately. We will try our very best to maintain the desired style but any knotted or matted coats will be clipped short as per our usual terms and conditions.  Dogs requiring extensive extra work may incur an extra charge.
  8. Collars and leads and other possessions will be misted with a disinfectant solution when entering into our care.  Four Paws accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any personal effect including colour loss which may occur.
  9. Our team will give verbal instructions and use personal protective equipment in order to minimise contamination risk, we ask that you respect and adhere to all requests made by our team members.
  10. Where possible, we ask you use contactless card payment.

Matted Dog Disclaimer

Under the Animal Welfare Act, it is an offence to cause unnecessary suffering to an animal. This includes prolonged 'de-matting' which is painful and detrimental to the welfare of the dog.  If you bring in your dog with more than 20 minutes of dematting work, we are required by the Act to clip your dog short humanely or refer you to your vet to do the same.

At Barker & Bowes we will only attempt to dematt 5% of a dog. This equates to about a 50p sized mat behind each ear, same size in the armpits and perhaps one or two in the groin or tail area.  When a Barker & Bowes groomer has assessed your dog's coat and found it to be matted, they will make the decision for it to be clipped short. This can be prevented by daily brushing with a slicker brush and comb - your groomer will be happy to explain the correct way to brush you dog and suggest a grooming programme that will allow us to achieve the look you would like for your dog, this may involve more frequent visits to Barker & Bowes and will certainly involve daily grooming at home.